Product Details

List of Products :

  1. Garments and Apparels – Shirts, Pants, Suits, T-shirts, Track Pants, Jeans, Shorts, Skirts, Kandura, Jalabiya, Leggings, Hijab, Scarfs and Stoles, Gowns.
  2. Uniforms and Work Wear – School Uniforms, College and University Uniforms, Corporate Uniforms, Hospital and Surgical wears, Police and Army Uniforms, Hotel Uniforms, etc.
  3. Safety and Protective Clothing – Coverall / Overall, Safety Vest, Safety Gloves, Safety Masks, Aprons, Safety Helmets, Safety Shoes, Safety eye-wear.
  4. Home Textiles – Bed Linens, Bed Skirts, Duvets, Pillow Covers, Curtains, Bath Linens, Shawl.
  5. Fabrics and Yarn